International Law dan Diplomacy Education Program

TURKID Today Academia

A Knowledge about international legal systems is a prominent issue in order to represent a government entity or private company with a qualified language skills in the globalized world. Although countries have various jurisprudence systems, it is needed to comprehend different laws due to development of international relationship in terms of diplomacy, ecomomy, education and technology. ILDEP is going to make a vital contribution to participants who are desired to make a career in international law by improving foreign language proficiency.

ILDEP creating experts on international law and diplomacy by providing students a unique and special education program. Most governmental institutions, non- governmental organizations and many other institutionalized structures lack adequate expertise in the field of international law and diplomacy, that is to say, this project is dedicated to fulfill this gap.

Undergraduate students and master students can apply to this program except from students who are at the english preparatory class and first year of bachelor degree. It is required to know English for the appliers.

ILDEP Academic Staff

  • Prof. Berdal ARAL,
  • Prof. İbrahim Kaya,
  • Prof. Özden OKTAV,
  • Assoc. Prof. Selman ÖĞÜT,
  • Att. Uğur SEVGİLİ (LL.M),
  • Asst. Prof. Ömer Faruk EROL

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